Twisted Nose Ring

Twisted Nose Ring

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- A beautiful, elegant, twisted-style nose ring that is perfect for everyday wear. These nose rings are durable and sturdy. All nose rings are made with high-quality, authentic 925 sterling silver, making them suitable for sensitive skin.
- Please keep in mind: An effective way to open the nose ring is by pulling one end upwards, and then other one downwards at the same time. Once you have put the ring in your piercing hole, you can pull the ends back to the centre to seal the ring.
- Thickness: 0.65mm (22G)
- Made with authentic 925 Sterling Silver

Necklace Chain sizes:
30 cm + 5 cm extension chain (Choker Length)
• 35 cm + 5 cm extension chain (Choker Length)
• 38 cm + 5 cm extension chain
• 38 cm Satellite chain + 5 cm extension chain
• 45 cm + 5 cm extension chain
• 55 cm + 5 cm extension chain

Nose Stud/Ring Gauge Size (Pin/Ring Thickness size):
• 20G - 0.8 mm
• 22G - 0.6 mm
• 24G - 0.5 mm
• 26G - 0.4 mm


    Jewellery Care

    316L Stainless Steel:

    For best maintenance, avoid close contact with harsh chemicals, such as bleach. The necklace may be left out without any worries of fading colours or rusting. The necklace can be worn anytime, for years on end without any worries about tarnishing jewellery. When not wearing the necklace, it is best to keep it stored in the Ailuralivé's free, vegan leather jewellery pouch.

    925 Sterling Silver:
    Sterling silver is a combination of silver and other metals. The small percent of other metals that are found in sterling silver are usually what oxidize and cause the tarnishing. This process of oxidization is accelerated in areas of high humidity and contact with chemicals found in materials like makeup, hairspray, lotion and the likes. For best maintenance, avoid close contact with extremely hot water or harsh chemicals. Be sure to remove the nose ring/stud every few days to wipe it clean; using water and soap to clean it is enough. Over time, the pin part of the stud (not the actual stud) may change colours, however, the metal will never be harmful to your skin. The pin part of it may darken simply because the sweat on your skin raises the acidity of the skin, which usually leads to darkening the silver. Again, it is not harmful to your skin. The nose ring/stud may be left out without any worries of fading colours or rusting, but storing it away in the jewellery pouch will always be the greater option! 

    Shipping and Delivery

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